A leading cryptocurrency exchange featuring Hive and Hive-Engine Tokens. 


Multiplayer soccer management game.


A leading Hive community interface featuring Web, Mobile and Desktop Hive DApps.

Krypto Gamers

Provably fair gaming platform with the lowest house-edge on Hive

Epic Dice

Provably fair decentralised gaming platform built on Hive.


Popular beer brewing game for beer enthusiasts, powered by Hive.

CANJAM Retreat

Premium Cannabis Edibles and Hospitality in Negril, Jamaica

Hive Wallpapers and Designs by @Doze

Exclusive Hive Blockchain HD wallpapers and designs for your desktop, mobile device and Hive promotions. Artist: @doze Announcement: Hive HD Wallpapers Download Hive Wallpapers and Designs (Click Here)