How to Accept HIVE and HBD

Start accepting HIVE and HBD (Hive Backed-Dollar) payments at your business.

1) Get a HIVE Account
To accept HIVE, you will need a HIVE blockchain account. If you do not have one, you can register an account via

2) Accept Payments
Once you have an account, you can start accepting HIVE and HBD as payment by instructing your customers to transfer tokens to your wallet.

ie. “To book this room using HIVE, please send $150 worth of HIVE or HBD to @myaccount.

If you own a store, bar or restaurant we recommend printing QR-sheets linked to your HIVE username or blog. Patrons can scan your QR code to ensure correct spelling of your username. You can generate a printer-friendly QR code at

3) Submit a Directory Listing
To have your business listed on HIVE WHAT: Login or Signup

4) Promote your Business on HIVE
Once you are accepting HIVE, promote your business to the HIVE community. Proudly display an “Accepting HIVE” banner on your website, in your office or at the checkout counter. A great way to start is with An #introduceyourself tagged post is a great way to start blogging about what you have to offer.

Consider discounts for your most frequent customers, you can also incentivize them to blog about your service.

ie. “Post a great review on and I’ll take 5% off your next booking!”


A secure and open source wallet for the Hive blockchain (iOS and Android).

Shopping Cart Integration (Online Payments)
If you would like to integrate HIVE payments into an online shopping cart, plugins are available for WordPress, Shopify and more. You can also use the open-source plugin for accepting HIVE in WooCommerce.

Setup your own online store that accepts HIVE and HBD.